Why Do I Have One?

Bonded retainers are placed because of the strong tendency for a tooth or group of teeth to return to their original position. Bonded retainers protect your investment and will keep your smile looking great!!

How Long Will It Be In?

Based on current research, even those who have not had braces are at risk for teeth shifting. Therefore, it is recommended that bonded retainers be kept in as long as possible. They can always be removed in the future however, there is a risk that your teeth may shift.

Keeping them Clean

It is important to keep them clean otherwise your dentist, hygienist or Dr. B may recommend that it is removed.


It is important to get the head of the brush on the gum line UNDER the bonded retainer.


Every day using Superfloss or floss threaders. Both can be purchased at any local drug store.

Visit your dentist at least every 3 – 6 months for regular cleanings.