1. Wear your retainer(s) as instructed by Dr. Bonavoglia. Most of the time the instructions will be to wear them full time, 24/7 (only taking them out to eat or brush your teeth).

2. Do NOT put the retainer(s) in boiling water. Do NOT microwave them. Do NOT put them in the diswasher or any other heat source.

3. Clean your retainer(s) every night by soaking them in Polident, Efferdent or Retainer Brite. To order Retainer Brite, visit: www.retainerbrite.com. Polident and Efferdent can be purchased at any drug store. *You can also use a designated toothbrush (just for retainer cleaning) and a small amount of dishsoap to keep your retainer sparkling!*

4. When taking the retainer(s) out of your mouth, make sure to put them in your retainer case.

5. DO NOT WRAP THEM IN A NAPKIN OR PUT THEM ON YOUR LUNCH TRAY. Doing so may result in you throwing out your retainer. Please only put them in your pocket or backpack if they are in your retainer case.

6. Keep your retainer(s) away from your pets. Cats and dogs love retainers and may chew them or break them.

7. Do not flip your retainer(s) in and out with your tongue. They may break this way.

8. Bring your retainer(s) with you to every appointment.

9. If you lose or break your retainer(s), they are very expensive to replace.